Monday, January 11, 2010

Loving France? Not Yet. -- #2

continued .... This post is a continuation of  the Loving  France ? thread that tells how I became a card-carrying Francophile.  You can read earlier posts and read them in numerical order, if you wish.

So I grew up.  (Sort of.).

I got a job and found a life partner.  Traditionalists would say that I married the love of my life, my husband, Rob.  Rob came from one of the "French" (Candian) families in town, with cousins named Jacques, Francois, Suzanne, and Marie.   He took eight years of French with the French nuns and four more years with the Brothers of the Holy Cross in high school.  He still insists that all he had to do was memorize vocabulary lists.
But perhaps there was something Gauloise, even then, that appealed to me.

Rob and I both love history, art, and outdoor activities.  Our travel budget when we started out together was small, but we had fun.  We traveled by car throughout the United States, visiting lots of  museums, battlefields, forts and many fantastic state and national parks, .

Because of a lack of funds, we often stayed in our tent.  Please be aware that sleeping in a tent is much more fun if enormous quantities of gin are consumed (with only small bits of tonic).

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