Thursday, January 14, 2010

Learning French with Harry Potter - Part 1

Ok, so how could I possibly be learning French with Harry, the quintessential English wizard?

Well, ce n'est pas facile.  (It is not easy.)  The book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the first in the series, and it is called  Harry Potter à L'école Des Sorciers in French. (If you are a Harry P fan, you will note the different picture on the cover, too)

I will be posting ideas in later posts for those who are at the beginning of their journey learning French, but this is for advanced beginners or intermediate learners.  (I think that is about where I am).

I have found it fun to read children's books as a way to increase my vocabulary.  I know (and love) the Harry Potter story, and I have the book in English and in French.  It is fun to try to read it in French, although I certainly cannot read it quickly.  I have found that the best way is not to try to look up every word, but to read to get the general idea and look up words (or check the English version) only when I have to.
Here is a link to the French version if you want to join me:
Harry Potter a L'ecole Des Sorciers / Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter (French)) (French Edition)

Here is some vocabulaire for you:
Les hiboux -- owls
La baguette magique - magic wand
Collége Poudlard -- Hogwarts School
des Moldus - Muggles
Tu-Sais-Qui - (He who cannot be named -- You Know Who -- also known as  VOLDERMORT)


Anonymous said...

"Tu-sais-quoi" means "you-know-what". Try "Tu-sais-Qui" for Lord V.!

Vivianne (Liquid French blog) said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are absolutely right. I fixed that mistake.