Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of an Unrepentant Francophile

More on how I got to this place in life in a later posting.  Earlier posts below (titled  Loving France?)  give some hints.

But how does My Life as a Francophile affect me right now?

I work every day to improve my French language skills.

This morning my "alarm" went off.  Instead of music, the alarm clock is set to a Pimsleur French CD.  Today we learned how to ask for gasoline at a gas station.

On the way into work I listened to the podcast Learn French By Podcast.  This is available FREE on Itunes.  You can just download it into your ipod and get a lesson on-the-go.

While at work, I listen to live streaming of Radio France.  I don't always understand everything, but I pick up phrases here and there, and I hope that I am learning even more by osmosis.

I used to have a French tutor, and I am going to take steps today to hire another one.

Would love to hear of any other tips for learning French, and I will pass on all that I hear.

Au revoir.

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Vivianne Leclaire said...

A Twitter follower called Life as Daddy, messaged me and suggested reading Le Monde newspaper at
lemondefr and getting new vocabulary there from the headlines.

Great suggestion.